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How to prepare for class

Kundalini Yoga cannot be practiced on a full stomach or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Try not to east for 2h before class. Take a bottle of water with you and a shawl or light blanket to cover yourself during relaxation. Wear comfortable clothing. Kundalini Yoga is practiced barefoot.

Please put your phone on silent mode and leave it in your bag.

If you have your own yoga mat, meditation cushion and/or lambskin, bring it along if you like.

See you on the mat

Sat nam

Kundalini Yoga

Challenge yourself to overcome the limitations of your mind and experience your true power and preservance. No two Kundalini Yoga classes are the same, there is so much variety in the exercise series called kriyas that are available and so many different meditations. All that matters is your personal experience, there is no comparison or competition. Practicing as a group means we all benefit and are carried through on the energy we create together.

The traditional Kundalini Yoga class lasts  1,5 hours.

11 euros per class

Meditation Class

Yoga & Meditation in the Workplace

Kundalini Yoga is great for office workers as it has some quick but very effective practices to reduce stress, promote wellbeing and increase productivity. I can be booked privately or come to give a class at your workplace. It can be anything starting from 30-45 minutes up to the full 1,5 hours class, depending on your needs and possibilities.

Get in touch and let's discuss the details.

Meditation Class

Private classes

I can meet you at your home, the yoga studio, outdoors or your office etc. Your progress in yoga can be much quicker and your experience deeper, when it's tailored to your individual needs. I can offer advice on the yogic lifestyle, which can significantly improve your quality of life through better sleep, nutrition etc.


There are many kriyas or exercise sequences in Kundalini Yoga that are helpful in the case of specific health issues. Kundalini Yoga is an great tool for personal development and transformation and there are kriyas and meditations for just about anything you can think of, as Yogi Bhajan taught thousands of them and my role as a teacher is to pass that wisdom on unchanged.

Meditation is like cleaning the mind and taking out the garbage that is stored in the subconscious and unconscious. The root cause of stress, worry, and anxiety are fears which can be released through meditation. It can be incredibly helpful in the case of depression for example.

Get in touch to discuss the details.

Meditation by the Sea

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